About Me









Hi, I’m Elena!

I’m a Jesus-loving wife and mama who teaches yoga and is passionate about incorporating faith, health, and wellness into every corner of my family’s life.

I studied English in college and have always had an interest and knack for writing. Never the high-level career type, I decided not to pursue a position in the field after I graduated. I always felt my purpose in life was to be a mom and stay home with my kids, just as my mom had done.

Who knew motherhood would be so hard!? It became so clear once my son was born that I needed to connect to others who were going through what I was going through. Others who were having the same struggles and victories as me. Others I could relate to.

Enter: blogging. I survived on reading mom blogs during those first months of new motherhood. With this blog, my intention is to be that refuge for other new and seasoned moms who just need a little relatability and a fresh take on the realities of being “Mama.” And just as I do with my home life, I sprinkle in little bits of hope, health & wellness wherever I can!

Thank you for visiting! Let’s connect, I’d love to hear your story.